I am a mixed media artist who uses a range of mediums including pen and ink drawing, assemblage, photography and installation.

I work with found discarded objects as I’m fascinated by their possible stories and how they ended up in this specific location, who left them there and why. This leads to thoughts of their histories who made them and for what purpose. Similarly I explore places and how they evoke memories of other places – how one place overlays another. Place and displacement are central themes in my work as is memory – the attempting to recall and recognise broken unwanted ‘lost’ objects or engage with a new place that reminds me of a more familiar one.

Recently the work has focused on a more personal nature, working with man-made objects that relate directly with family members or remembered personal journeys.  Having inherited my deceased artist father’s entire life’s work I have started to create a dialogue that I never had in life nor would ever have had as he was a very private person.  This further explores memory and displacement as I now house his work within my studio.